Craig L (blipvert) wrote,
Craig L

So tell me again, what did I win?

At the risk of putting a damper on the prolonged Obamagasm currently washing over the planet, I find myself having to ask... is it just me, or has everyone gone just a little bit barmy? This is after all a politician we're talking about. After nearly eight years of Bush and Cheney, have you no longer even the appropriate amount of scepticism to muster for the occasion?

I have always been in agreement with H L Mencken that "democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." In that respect, Democratic governments distinguish themselves from their Republican counterparts only by their greater willingness to use a decent amount of lube beforehand. Like Bush before him and Clinton before him, Obama believes in a fully-engorged government, with the divine right to bomb whomever and whenever necessary to defend America's vague interests abroad. Close your eyes, and he seems little different from the status quo.

That said, I'm not completely insensitive. I will admit to an uncanny sense of optimism and absence of dread when I see that big round O.
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