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Craig L

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so sad [18th Mar. 2009|22:12]
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[Current Mood | sad]

Natasha Richardson dead from skiing injuries.


She was only 45.

[User Picture]From: cz_unit
2009-03-19 03:43 (UTC)


*nod* I'm glad. Been there, it's a fucking nightmare with no way out.

Trapped there is hell. I'm glad they let her go.
[User Picture]From: daylight_broke
2009-03-19 04:38 (UTC)


Very sad. I feel bad for her whole family. She died too young. :(
[User Picture]From: ceo
2009-03-19 13:15 (UTC)


That's completely horrible.

And bizarre, too. The article says she just fell on a beginner slope; it's not like she skied into a tree or something like that. I suspect the surface was icy and she whacked her head really hard on it.