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Iraq's most eligible bachelor - Crossing the Central Reservation of My Imagination — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Craig L

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Iraq's most eligible bachelor [21st Jun. 2005|14:01]
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[Current Mood |grumpy, sarcastic]

Well I am certainly grateful this morning to learn, courtesy of GQ Magazine, that Saddam Hussein dislikes Fruit Loops and eats Doritos by the sackful. Yes, that is precisely what has been missing from the media's coverage of the Iraq War: not enough stories showing the former dictator's human side.

It amazes me that over two years into this war they still don't get it. Americans are cranky about the war? Well, we'll just cheer them up with some touching piece on which Kellogg's brand of cold fucking cereal the ex-dictator prefers eating in his cell. That's the kind of hard-hitting coverage the public has been calling for.

Abu al-Zarqawi: boxers or briefs man? Stay the course and find out!

From: (Anonymous)
2005-06-21 18:07 (UTC)


[User Picture]From: blipvert
2005-06-21 18:35 (UTC)


No they do not, but you'll be fascinated to learn that he enjoys them sprinkled lightly with water, apparently making a sort of sauce coating out of the orange Dorito dust. What exquisite and delicate taste I'm sure you'll agree. Such a connoisseur of the American snack food.
From: (Anonymous)
2005-06-21 19:40 (UTC)


[User Picture]From: blipvert
2005-06-21 19:45 (UTC)


Well you don't get to be known as the "Butcher of Baghdad" without knowing a thing or two about the culinary arts.
[User Picture]From: temima
2005-06-22 02:41 (UTC)


And he admires Reagan. I'll bet the die-hard Republicans are having heart attacks over that.

Next, Osama Bin Laden's favorite snacks.
[User Picture]From: hamster_lemming
2005-06-22 03:06 (UTC)


what's even worse is that many americans probably do want to know that stuff...like it or not Hussein has become a celebrity of sorts, it goes along the same lines as Manson's celebrity status...sick but true.