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If you have seen this young man hanging about the portaloo, please ring 999 and do not approach.

An apparent knock-on effect of having been in the Time War is that the Doctor seems to be ageing backwards at an alarming rate.

BBC, you have lost the plot entirely. Either Paterson Joseph or David Morrissey would have been a fine choice for Doctor Eleven. Instead, you choose this adolescent fanboy twerp who can barely give an interview without squeeing all over the place. Seriously, watch the BBC1 Confidential interview; it's nauseating.

Honestly, what actress could possibly be this Doctor's companion without the relationship screaming "Boy Toy!" at you? Not the last two. Even Billie Piper has a month on this lad, and carries herself with greater bearing.

Dude, I am so totally the Doctor. I'm, like, a thousand years old!
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