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Blipvert: Last Minute Gifts for the Kids - Crossing the Central Reservation of My Imagination — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Craig L

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Blipvert: Last Minute Gifts for the Kids [23rd Dec. 2008|16:16]
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Here are some great gift ideas for the kids this Christmas!

Here's something to make bath time fun, and teach them important economic lessons:

Mr Internet Bubble and Mr Global Financial Collapse also sold separately.

Encourage your child's natural curiosity about electricity!

No, no kid, you're doing it wrong! You have to plug it in first!

Or if chemistry's the thing, this will teach them useful and profitable skills.

Yay, the hamster survived! Let's hit the school yard, Jimmy!

Teach your kids proper technique with this safe and easy kit!

Gee, Suzy, this Colombian shit you got off E-bay is awesome!

Believe it or not, this one is actually real, from the 1950s.

Warning: Very sick, so if you've no sense of humour best to keep moving.

[User Picture]From: cz_unit
2008-12-24 00:03 (UTC)


Yaknow, somewhere I have those radium painted clocks my grandfather owned. He's dead, but his watch still glows on....

[User Picture]From: blipvert
2008-12-24 16:32 (UTC)


Just sittin' in the kitchen with Grandpa's hologram.
Though he has no substance he is still a great old man.
Come on by and say hello anytime you can,
While we're sittin' in the kitchen with Grandpa's hologram!

—The Austin Lounge Lizards