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Happy birthday... [25th Jan. 2010|10:31]
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[Current Mood | celebratory]

...Robert Burns, Bard of Ayrshire, 251 years young today! In Scotland, mere mention of "the Bard" refers foremost to him, not William Shakespeare as is common elsewhere.

Yet further proof of the barbarism that hangs heavy over this land of my current residence, I cannot yet enjoy a proper Burns supper. Scottish haggis is banned in the US owing BSE fears. Yet, whisky, which carries far greater health risks, flows freely. So it's a liquid lunch for me today in his honour! I'm sure Burns himself would well appreciate the irony.

[User Picture]From: vorvolaka
2010-01-25 15:58 (UTC)


My brother and friend also celebrate their birthdays today. Instead of birthday cake, I'm making haggis lasagne. Again. But it's a favourite in this house!
From: lilas
2010-01-25 22:37 (UTC)


[User Picture]From: vorvolaka
2010-01-26 10:56 (UTC)


Ha, that's brilliant!

I might have a wee visit today for some cullen skink.
[User Picture]From: rpkrajewski
2010-01-26 00:46 (UTC)


My wife spent an academic year in Scotland in the 90s and can't give blood now (even though she was a vegetarian at the time).